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Nomad Clothing Co.

We branded, named and built the ecommerce website for Nomad Clothing Co. – an adventure inspired clothing and provisions business.

With a big ethic focus, Nomad Clothing Co. uses renewable energy to produce it’s apparel, with suppliers and workers guaranteed fair wages and with it’s products carrying the Organic Soil Association accreditation.

Visit to see the site (and why not pick up a fresh tee while you’re there).

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A street-level campaign. 

The campaign was rolled out initially via social media, but quickly the focus shifted to include events and happenings in the city streets.

The 'logo frame' was printed as a square saying "_____ is culture", and was shared with people in the city by bid volunteers, enabling them to define what Swansea's culture is to them.

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The best range of lightning-fast TV in the Caribbean. 

From the HBO channel featuring Game of Thrones and Westworld to Cinemax HD's movie premieres including Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars and Disney's Moana for kids – Digicel's packages are truly light-years ahead.

We wanted to make sure we put the Digicel Play's range of content front and centre. At every stage if the project, the messaging was built around the exclusive shows and movies available in the packages.

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Digicel Play

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