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Swansea 2021

Swansea is hoping to become the UK's City of Culture in 2021. Working with collaboratively with social agency FansLike Agency, we created a campaign that began in the digital world, and was quickly taken on by the people of Swansea.

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The city of culture(s).

The heart of Swansea's approach to being crowned the UK's City of Culture is recognising that the cities' culture comes from it's people. We used that as the inspiration for the campaign identity, creating a frame device for the logo which would be employed an image overlay for Instagram and Facebook photos. The image overlay helped us unite the rich and varied passions of Swansea (from TED X events to gallery openings, football matches to arts festivals), and the user submitted photos with a consistent graphic style.

The entire campaign was in both English and Welsh (or Cymraeg), with touchpoints and social media managers for both languages.

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A street-level campaign. 

The campaign was rolled out initially via social media, but quickly the focus shifted to include events and happenings in the city streets.

The 'logo frame' was printed as a square saying "_____ is culture", and was shared with people in the city by bid volunteers, enabling them to define what Swansea's culture is to them.

Many Welsh celebrities have also become involved in the campaign, with endorsements from Rob Brydon, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Sheen.

The campaign has made it through initial shortlist phase, and is currently in the final few cities with the announcement of the winner expected in December.

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See the campaign in action.



Campaign impact. 

In the 7 months the campaign has been rolling out, over 130,000 people engaged with the campaign on social media – with over 16,000 people following the campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Most importantly innumerable events, shows, artworks and short films have been created by Swansea's vibrant community in support the campaign – proving that Swansea Is Culture.




Swansea2021 Bid

Identity and Logo Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Design:
Studio Bolt

In collaboration with:
FansLike Agency